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Music That’s Getting Me Through Grad School — Vol. XX

Every Friday I listen to many of the week’s new record releases — some I already know of; most of them I don’t — and I write small blurbs on my favorites.Keeps me sane through my last year(s) of graduate school (^_^)


Tom Morello and The Bloody Beetroots — The Catastrophists (EP)

(Electronic Rock, Hardcore)

Rage Against the Machine’s groundbreaking guitarist Tom Morello teams up with hybrid electronic rock outfit The Bloody Beetroots in The Catastrophists, an EP that is as devastating as its name implies, in the best of ways. This project doesn’t just stomp into your listening space; it blasts through the door SWAT style and sets any sense of subtlety ablaze. Its hard-hitting electro beats and furious guitar riffs — whose sole purpose is to shred — will make you want to incite a public upheaval for the next best cause or, in a more selfish scenario, break into your boss’s office and smash their shit with a baseball bat in slow motion. Adding to the sonic hodgepodge are cameos by feminist punk-rockers Pussy Riot and by the eloquent and unafraid Chilean MC Ana Tijoux, both of which elevate the don’t-fuck-with-me quality of the record if it wasn’t clear already. The Catastrophists is a fiercely dynamic project, a raw and explosive playground engineered to blow up your speakers and scare your neighbors while still hosting an admirable amount of nuance and excellent production value. It can definitely come across as a grating listen, but to an extent, that is also the whole point. Sometimes the best way to grab your attention is the old-fashioned way, by being loud as hell.

Fav songs: The Devil’s Infantry, Radium Girls, Lightning Over Mexico, The Weather Strike

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